Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Continuing the blog

Well, in regards to my previous post, I have decided that my HAED progress needs its own blog!

Here is my progress from about 3 weeks ago:

Here is my most recent progress photo:

I decided to go down the right hand side instead of in rows across as I started to use a hoop. You can see the hoop mark which I hope will come out as I shift it as I progress!
I am really enjoying it. I have gotten used to doing it one stitch at a time as you have to do when you use Lugana and I have learnt a couple of tricks from the yahoo group I am on!
I look forward to posting more pictures!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Have decided to integrate all my blogs into one

I have several blogs (including which I have decided to integrate into one. So if you want to find out how my HAED is progressing, please go to Low Income Lady and you can find more info there.

Thanks for visiting!

Friday, August 10, 2007

First WIP

Here is my first WIP photo. I estimate I have done over 1200 stitches. It has been fun and very time consuming. I have gridded the fabric 10 by 10 threads with ordinary sewing cotton. I tried to get sulky metallic thread as I heard it was better as you can stitch over it and just pull it out rather than remove it as you go but I wasn't successful in finding it. But the cotton is working out quite well. I tried cross country stitching with the first 5 squares but it requires too much concentration and is much slower going as you have to keep checking the chart to make sure you don't have any mistakes. With parking you do a line at a time, I have done 2 lines and a bit as well as the 5 squares.
So it is going well!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I haven't taken a photo yet, I will try and take one today! But I have progresses with the HAED. I did the first 5 squares cross country but it was taking me so long and I was making mistakes so I have switched to the parking method and it is so much better! So I have finished 5 10 by 10 squares then done the first row and some of the second row. I estimate I have done about 900 stitches so far! Not bad for a few days work!

I will really try and post a photo today!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Received the threads

Ok, I received the threads yesterday. I have put them onto cards into my floss box in numerical order so I am all ready to go. I haven't completely gridded the fabric but I have done over half of it. So far I have done over 250 stitches. When I have more time I will post a photo of my progress.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Threads didn't arrive

The threads haven't arrived yet, I was hoping they would come today! I am itching to get started but I don't have the colours. On a brighter note, my new LCD computer monitor arrived! Its a terrific 19 inch widescreen one from Dell. I love it, much better than my old CRT one.

I should really finish gridding my fabric but I am so sick of gridding.

C'mon threads! Why didn't you arrive today?

Starting my HAED

I ordered my first HAED chart last week. 'The Waiting'. It is a lovely picture which I have in my sidebar at the right. I have ordered my 25 count lugana fabric which I have almost completed gridding in 10 by 10 blocks. I am going to use 2 threads using 90 DMC colours. I managed to get the threads off ebay for 47 cents each. That is much better than the $1.20 that the local craft shop charges! The fabric cost $40.18 for half a metre, 140cm by 51cm. I can use it for 2 projects as it is double what I need. I already had 10 of the colours I needed so I ordered 80 colours which cost $37.99.

I also ordered 12 size 28 piecemaker needles for $9.70. The chart itself cost $19US as I ordered the one with the larger symbols. This turned out to be $22.18AU as the Australian dollar is doing well against the US dollar.

The only thing that hasn't arrived yet are the threads as they are coming from Hong Kong. I am expecting them today!

I have almost finished another cross stitch I am doing. Its a kid's growth chart and looks terrific!
I have been working hard to finish it off in time before all my materials arrive for my HAED! This growth chart is done on 14 count AIDA. The HAED is done on 25 count Lugana evenweave. Each stitch is done over 1 thread so there are 25 stitches to the inch! What a challenge compared to the chart!