Friday, August 10, 2007

First WIP

Here is my first WIP photo. I estimate I have done over 1200 stitches. It has been fun and very time consuming. I have gridded the fabric 10 by 10 threads with ordinary sewing cotton. I tried to get sulky metallic thread as I heard it was better as you can stitch over it and just pull it out rather than remove it as you go but I wasn't successful in finding it. But the cotton is working out quite well. I tried cross country stitching with the first 5 squares but it requires too much concentration and is much slower going as you have to keep checking the chart to make sure you don't have any mistakes. With parking you do a line at a time, I have done 2 lines and a bit as well as the 5 squares.
So it is going well!


  1. Wow, so you work all the way accross! You have really got a lot done. I look forward to seeing it progress!

  2. This is great. Keep it up can't wait to see the picture emerge