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The Waiting Update

I have nearly completed the 1 and a half pages that were left on the second last row of pages. I have run out of one of the colours, a dark grey and you can see the spaces where I need that colour to fill it in. I am waiting until I run out of a couple of more colours before I order more as it is more economical to order 3 than 1.

I still have a few more squares that I can do. But I wanted to update the blog today and it is starting to get dark here and the photos turn out better with some daylight...




  1. You are just flying along, so close to a finish! I love watching your progress!

  2. So close....hate when I run out of a color.
    Keep up the excellent work!
    Where will this piece hang?
    Chris b

  3. I will hang it in my lounge room when I eventually get it framed. It will be expensive to get framed so it might be a while before I do so...


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