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Began Lights Of Home

I started The Lights of Home last night (20th January 2011). It took about 3 hours to sort out and wind the floss onto bobbins and it took about 3 hours to cut the fabric to size and blanket stitch the edge to prevent it fraying...

So I'm just posting this so that I know exactly what date I started...I haven't done enough to post a picture yet, only about 4 rows on the first page...I'm starting from the top left this time...


  1. Can't wait til I start to see progress on this one...looking forward to it.

    You are making great progress on your Cat Picture. I just love this one.

    Take care & Happy Stitching
    Hugs :) from 12 above zero Northern Indiana
    Linda K, Railroad

  2. Can't wait to see progress on this.

  3. Hi Patches and Linda, not long before I update, I have nearly completed a page, I'm up to the confetti between the cloud and the sky in the corner which will take me a little while longer...


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