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Earth finished

I have finished the earth plus completed some more background. The metallic thread shows up a bit more in this photo, in the cloud to the left of the earth...


  1. How fantastic. One day, I need some of that stitching energy. Hmmm....I'm setting up blogs to follow them quicker....but hope I remember your projects, dedication, & spirit. Just finished flowered pillowcases #10 of year myself....nothing as wonderful as yours, but needed. Thanks for sharing your talent so I can admire it.

  2. Oh, it's so gorgeous. I can't wait till you start on the cats. You're really making me want to buy some Shim Shimmel pieces...

  3. I really like Shim Shimmel's designs, too. And you're stitching them so beautifully. I'm eagerly awaiting each update. Happy stitching!


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