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Update: The Lights of Home

I had a go at using linen a couple of days ago. A lady gave me a cross stitch kit that uses linen and I love it! In fact I briefly considered restarting The Lights of Home on linen but I have done too much to do that. But after this I will be using linen from now on for sure!


  1. Great progress - you and I had opposite reactions to linen; feel free to take all my mine, lol.

  2. You are such a FAST stitcher! This looks wonderful! I also started stitching on linen for the first time. I love how easily the needle slips right through the fabric!

  3. Love linen myself. I very rarely use aida, your stitching is beautiflu and really coming along.

    Mary Louise

  4. Great progress and glad you like linen, but I would NEVER use linen for a fully stitched piece. Too pretty to cover up and more expensive too!

  5. The reason I like linen is because it is so beautiful to work with. The thread slides through like butter... it's a bit more expensive but when it is so much easier to work with, it's worth it! Cheers Cheryl


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