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Page completed in record time!

I wanted to see how fast I could complete a page and I did it in 3 days and 10 hours. I stitched all day the first day, not as much the second day and then I stitched some yesterday, slept in the afternoon, I went out in the evening then came back and stitched all night and finished the page at 4am this morning!

If I kept up that pace I could have this finished in just over 3 months! I'm pretty sure I won't achieve that but its nice to think that its possible!


  1. It's gorgeous Cheryl. I love Shim Shimmel's work. Keep up the good work (if you can, lol).

  2. Wow, that is a record! I like Mystic's which have smaller pages and I don't think I could EVER do that!

  3. Fantastic! It's good to know that you can finish it in a reasonable time :)
    Great stitching!

  4. Wow, that's really fast! I usually take three weeks to finish a page (but I don't stitch daily :( )
    Completing this in only 3 months would be impressive, but I'm sure that even if you don't make it in three months, it won't take you much longer ;)
    But be careful not to set your fabric on fire, your needle must be hot after stitching so much so fast!

  5. Your needles must be smoking. Fantastic progress!!!

  6. I don't think my family would let me stitch that much. Enjoy your progress....way to go.
    chris b.

  7. Even double that time would probably still be a record.
    Beautiful work!

  8. Thanks for all the comments! My stitching is probably going to slow down considerably the next 3 months as my 11 year old son is coming to stay with me in that time. I will go and pick him up from his Dad tomorrow!

  9. WTG!!!! It is looking wonderful!

  10. Wow, what a lot of work!
    As a non cross-stitcher, can I ask a really dumb question - how come you don't work in lines? Do you do one colour thread at a time?

    Looking beautiful

  11. Yes I do as much as I can of one colour at a time to avoid changing threads and it is easier. Also it is not good to form a straight line because when you go to do more you can see the line in your work as the stitches seem to settle and new stitches look a bit different so a line forms. SOme people work in 10 x 10 blocks but I prefer to do blocks of colour and then fill in the spaces. Everyone has their preferred way of doing it though.


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