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1st update - Sanctuary of Knowledge

I absolutely adore this chart, it's wonderful! I guess when I get sick of doing all the confetti in the books I'll go back to doing the lions but for now I'm having fun!


  1. super. I can't wait to next progress. Good luck!

  2. What a great start! I love watching your stitching grow into a masterpiece!

  3. Wow, you're making great progress. Can't wait till your next update!!

  4. You got a nice big chunk done. Do you like stitch all day or are you just a fast stitcher.

  5. What progress you make in a short time.
    Surprised to see 2 haeds a-going at once.
    Chris B.

  6. I definitely don't stitch all day...I think I'm just a fast stitcher. Chris I think I will go back to the lions when I get sick of the confetti in Sanctuary...I don't tend to alternate a lot between the two, I will spend quite a bit of time on each one before switching...

  7. You sure stitch quickly....good for you!!!
    Chris b


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