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Completed the cat

Finished the cat this morning and now it's all ready to go. This is for our Craft group Christmas present exchange. You give a gift in and get a gift back. So I don't know who this is going to. I hope its someone who likes cats! Now I can get back to The Lights of Home HAED. How I have missed doing it! I have decided to concentrate on the cubs and see if I can get that done...The Sanctuary of Knowledge can wait a while...


  1. Gorgeous! :)
    I love it's big blue eyes.
    Lovely frame choice too!

  2. That's gorgeous! Your Christmas gift exchange person is very lucky to get this from you. Back to your cubs now!

  3. I love the blue eyes. Whoever gets it will be very lucky.

  4. Oh my goodness, look at those eyes. She/He is utterly adorable.You are so very talented!


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