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Two picture update

I have almost completed a page on both 'The Lights of Home' and 'The Sanctuary of Knowledge' I usually post after I have completed full pages but I last posted on August 19 so it's time to post a new update even though I haven't quite finished the pages. I intend on thr Lights of Home to do the page underneath the one I have just done so I can get more of the lion cub done.

Till next time!



  1. Looking good. The Lion cub is just adorable!
    Can't wait to see more :)

  2. Both look great and you're making wonderful progress.

  3. Two amazing updates =) You managed to do a lot of progress ;-)

  4. verry nics work have you, i follow your blog

    i love this work

    Mvg Sarah

  5. Fantastic stitching Cheryl. I've been stitching, but behind on the your work...
    Chris b


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