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Another page bites the dust!

I'm on a roll! I have devoted a lot of time to cross stitch this week including an all night session and I have completed another page...I decided to do an easy page which was the one next to the lion cub...well after doing that harder page to the bottom left, I figured I needed a break from all those colour changes!

I have already stared to do the small section to the right...and then I guess I'll have to tackle the second cub.


  1. Your stitching is so gorgeous! I love watching your pictures come to life!

  2. ziet er heel mooi uit, prachtig

  3. I love the little bit of green on the left but I can understand you needed an easier page to work on!!

  4. Looking great Cheryl. I love this project, and you're making such good progress!!

  5. Amazing progress, Cheryl. You are so dedicated to your project....chris b

  6. Amazing, are very disciplined!


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