Friday, January 27, 2012

QS Flight of the Irish Fae

I have a surprise for you! I got totally fed up with the Lights of I went browsing on the Heaven and Earth Designs website...ummm not a good idea... So I ended up buying a new chart. Here it is:

I love the colours! But here's the thing...some of you who have been following my blog for a long time are going to think 'What is she doing?' I started my first HAED The Waiting on 25 count Lugana. I did 12 pages of it and then my hand cramped up and I was unable to I restarted it on 18 count AIDA and finished it in January 2011. 

My problem is that I want to do the Sanctuary of Knowledge and if I do it on 18 count, it will end up being over a metre wide and I don't think I can handle working with fabric that big...

So the above chart is a kind of test to see if I can handle the 25 count Lugana. I still kept it from my first attempt and I have plenty to do this chart. I also have craft support gloves now which support my hands and I have done about 400 stitches with no problem whatsoever. I have also gone from stitching in hand to using a 6 x 6 Q-Snap frame and I love it!

Tonight I have ordered a 1/2 yard of white 28 count Jobelan fabric from here. It was just $14US plus $8 postage...which is $10 cheaper than 123 stitch would sell it for...This will be enough to do the Sanctuary of Knowledge...

The people at my craft group might try and commit me to a mental hospital when they see me trying to cross stitch 1 over 1 on 28 count...they mostly knit and crochet and they think the 18 count is tiny...LOL


  1. I love the colors as well - it will be beautiful when it's completed. I (so far) have stuck to the storykeeps which I do in 16ct (with a hoop) For me doing them on 18 is too small with all the color changes. I know you'll go back to your other project - sometimes we just need a break.

  2. Love the range of is a change from your other projects...but that's your choice. Have fun!

  3. I didn't like this type of design at first but I like it now...I like all the black lines with the colours inside them...

  4. Oh, Cheryl - wow!!! I love the colours too!!! Glad you're going to give it a go on the smaller count, just remember to wear your gloves and take REGULAR breaks! Maybe you need to set a timer so that you don't get carried away??? Can't wait to see your progress!!!